Shinto SR10/SR20 Saw Rasp With Fixed Handle

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This unique wood rasp construction is made of 10 hardened saw blades zizag bent and riveted together to produce a wide cutting surface.  Because of this waffled design clogging is eliminated. They are made for working on wood, but are suitable too for soft metals, plastics and plaster.  With this rasp material can be removed extremely fast.

The teeth extend to the edge which makes working in corners very easy.

Each rasp has two working sides. The coarse side is for shaping and fast removal of material and the fine side for finish cut.

Available in 200mm and 250mm blade length


  • Made of 10 riveted double sides saw blades Non-clogging design
  • One side for course, one side for fine
  • For use on many materials
  • Made in Japan

: Shinto SR10/SR20 Saw Rasp With Fixed Handle
: TL-SSR200/250

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  1. jeffhowell7 (verified owner)

    I’ve seen these used in videos and decided to get one for neck shaping It works awesome ! You get a more even shape because of the length of the rasp .

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