Solo String Spacing Ruler

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The Solo String Spacing Ruler is the tool you need to make nuts for any stringed instruments.  No need for calipers, calculators or shop rulers.

Due to the design and laser etching it is accurate, easy to read and produces proportional string spacings.

Just mark the position of the center two outside strings, find the marks that exactly match these marks making sure you have the correct number of string markings and simply mark out the the string centers.  If you are making a number of nuts of one size, mark the two outside string markings with a marking pen.

Can be used for single or double string setups.


  • Made from flexible stainless steel
  • Quickly and easily find the right spacing for your nut
  • Take the guess work out of the job

: Solo String Spacing Ruler
: SL-LSSR-02
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    Great product, accurate and easy to use. *****

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