DiMarzio DP145BK Will Power Neck Bass Pickup

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Billy Sheehan has used the original DiMarzio Model P® and Model One™ bass pickups for many years. Because of the demands Billy puts on his system, we made several modifications to existing models in order to deliver even more of what he wanted. These are the exact pickups Billy uses in his signature Yamaha® basses.

The Will Power™ Neck Model is very deep-sounding with great low-end definition. Its dimensions are the same as the Model One™, but it’s a little louder and fatter-sounding, and pole piece spacing is slightly wider for better string alignment with long-scale basses.

Recommended for neck position


  • Warm, full tone, no mud.
  • 4 Conductor
  • Ceramic magnet
  • 12.21 Kohm resistance
  • Output: 200
  • Bass: 7.0
  • Middle: 5.0
  • Treble: 7.0

Item shown: DiMarzio DP145BK Will Power™ Neck Bass Pickup
Model #: DP145BK
UPC: 663334005105

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