Gotoh 510UB Wraparound Guitar Bridge with Studs

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The Gotoh 510UB wraparound bridge consolidates the normal 2-piece bridge and stop tail piece set up into one superbly designed piece.  It features specially designed stud locks that lock securely to the body and spring clips that lock the bridge securely on the mounting studs.

Includes anchors, studs and allen wrenches

Available in Chrome, Gold & Cosmo Black.


  • Hardened zinc saddles
  • Stud-Lock – locks post securely to body
  • Tailpiece won’t fall off the guitar when changing strings
  • Stud spacing is 3 1/4″ (82 mm) and string spacing is 2 1/16″ (52 mm)
  • Includes all hardware
: Gotoh 510UB Guitar Bridge with Studs
: 510UB

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