Hipshot BT7 Clover Key Nickel Bass Xtender

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Use the Hipshot BT7 Bass Xtender to drop-tune your bass with a flick of the lever.  It makes your bass tunable from E to Low C.  Installation instructions and mounting hardware included. Fits Made in Mexico Fender basses

This Xtender can be upgraded to include a Double Stop lever.


  • Retrofit your Fender with the BT7 Xtender key to allow drop tuning
  • Stainless steel key prevents tarnishing and rust where you touch the tuner the most
  • Drop tune your bass in seconds
  • Tuning ratio: 27:1

: Hipshot BT7 Clover Key Nickel Bass Xtender
: 20700N
UPC: 787392888927

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