Nordstrand Big Blade 5 String Soapbar Pickup Set

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Product Description

The unique aesthetic of the BB’s slotted blade was an innovative solution to a technical problem: how to fit an exposed, slightly surfaced blade into a cover in order to obtain uniform tonal resonance. The solution to this pickup’s blade issue came to Carey Nordstrand during a fever dream, when his brain was apprehended by the substance of progressive and cutting-edge frequency that he tends to experiment with on the day to day. The vision was vivid; a clue to creating weaponizing tone was presented to him by a bombastic bass god. The result was the slotted blade design, fitting snug in its cover and delivering the uniform resonance that Carey was searching for. These pickups were forged in Redlands, CA.

The Big Blade is a product of the pursuit of a continuous sensing blade style pickup whose sound is powerful, huge, and ballistically belligerent—something close to our Big Singles but a bit more modern in both tone and appearance. The blade’s radius is designed for even output in most basses, which is analogously derivative of the uniform magnetic field that is sure to capture an accurate representation of each string’s vibrational nature. This pickup is the Spartan of our discriminating pickup regiment; the sonic soldier who wages war against any tonal incongruities that might suggest vulnerability. If any band’s thin, feeble-bodied, or indistinct mix dare cross its path, it will without a doubt be decimated by its unrelenting characteristics. Arm your bass today!


  • Big Blade soapbar bass pickup
  • Uniform magnetic field—no worries about pole spacing
  • Loaded with two ceramic bar magnets
  • Available in standard black soapbar covers
  • Warm n’ wooly winding
  • 19mm maximum pitch
  • Laser cut bobbins
  • Wax-potted to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone
  • Blade radius designed for even output in most basses: (14r: vintage round) and (20r modern flat)

Tone Guide

  • Tonal Balance = 3
  • Mids = 7
  • Dynamics = 8
  • Character/Color = 8

Item shown: Nordstrand Big Blade 5 String Soapbar Pickup Set
Model #: BB5SET
UPC: 617353798449

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