Solo Feeler Gauges

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This precise set of 20 feeler gauges in the luthier’s workshop can perform a wide variety of functions to measuring with string action to measuring the correct nut slot depths, fret slot width, string to fret clearances, and other hardware installation work, these ground steel feeler gauges are marked in both metric and imperial measurements for easy use.

Gauge includes 20 thicknesses: 0.04mm(.0015″), 0.05mm(.002″), 0.06mm(.0025″), 0.10mm(.004″), 0.15mm(.006″), 0.18mm(.007″), 0.20mm(.008″), 0.25mm(.010″), 0.30(.012″), 0.35mm(.014″), 0.40mm(.016″), 0.45mm(.018″), 0.50mm(.020″), 0.55mm(.022″), 0.60mm(.024″), 0.63mm(.025″), 0.65mm(.026″), 0.70mm(.028″), 0.75mm(.030″), 0.80mm(.032″)


  • Both metric and imperial measurements are marked for easy use
  • Check multiple measurements
  • 110mm in length
  • 20 gauges
  • Comes in plastic pouch

: Solo Feeler Gauges
: SL-LSFG-13
UPC: 842561002877

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