Solo Notched Radius Gauges Set of 4

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The Solo notched radius gauges are handy when you want to check a fingerboard radius without taking the strings off.  The set includes closely-spaced string notches for use near the nut, and wider spacing for use near the body (great for compound radius fingerboards).

Each gauge is precision laser-cut from .024”(0.6mm) stainless steel with each being etched with the radius and “NARROW” or “WIDE”.

Set includes 4, including narrow notches type and wide notches type, each type comes in all popular fingerboard radii- (7.25″”, 9.5″”, 10″”, 12″”, 14″”, 15″”, 16″” and 20″”)


  • Set of 4 gauges
  • Precision laster cut
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Hanging hole

: Solo Notched Radius Gauges Set of 4
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  1. troystobbart53 (verified owner)

    This company is just awesome quality, quality, quality and super fast delivery no complaints here I’ve switched from stewmac to solo with no questions

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