Solo Handheld Fret Press With 4 Neck Support Cauls

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The handheld fret press is a professional fretting tool that gives you finer control over the pressure needed to seat a fret into the slot, you can actually feel it seating!  It eliminates complicated clamping setups, so your press-in fret jobs go faster.

This is a durable steel tool that’s easily adjustable. It has a fine thumbwheel adjustment for clamping pressure and a clamp release lever to unlock the tool.  The jaws opens enough to accommodate any instrument neck and there’s a self-leveling upper caul that adjusts easily to any neck.

Fret press inserts can be purchased here.


  • Includes four padded neck support cauls to cradle any neck
  • Standard for guitar and bass, Wide for classical guitar, Narrow for ukulele, mandolin and banjo & Flat for bolt-on neck heels
  • Does not include fret press inserts

: Solo Handheld Fret Press With 4 Neck Support Cauls
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