Solo JBK-10 DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit With Ash Body

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Product Description

This guitar kit has everything you need for building your own custom JB style Electric Bass Guitar. You will need only some basic tools and finishing supplies. All challenging wood cutting, drilling and shaping is already done professionally, as well as fret leveling and dressing.  A detailed manual is included with step by step instructions.

Kit Includes:

  • Ash body with a poly sealant
  • Unfinished maple neck with maple fingerboard
  • Press-fit peghead bushings
  • String Retainer
  • Tuning Machines
  • Strings
  • Strap Buttons
  • Pickguard
  • Neck Pickup
  • Bridge Pickup
  • Bridge
  • Neck Plate
  • Control Plate Assembly
  • Ground Wire
  • Cord
  • Hex wrench for truss-rod adjustment
  • All mounting screws are included
IMPORTANT (in addition to our standard return policy): due to their nature kits can be returned only in virtually untouched condition and in original package.


Technical Details

DIY Kit Information

Poly Resin Sealer


Body Information

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Scale Length

Hardware and Electronics
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11 lbs


36 × 20 × 3 in

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6 reviews for Solo JBK-10 DIY Electric Bass Guitar Kit With Ash Body

  1. dormerdave

    Recently received this bass as a gift…couldn’t be happier. The shipping was fast. The packaging was solid.
    The quality of wood with the precision, pre-drilled holes was virtually perfect. I had intentions of upgrading the hardware and pickups to customize the bass, so I wasn’t too worried about their quality. All the stock parts work well, but I would suggest upgrading the machine heads. All in all, the value of this bass is fantastic.

  2. David F Calello (verified owner)

    The gang at SOLO does it again!! What a guitar. Plays great right out of the box! These kits come fast, well packed, and ready to go. All parts are included and the information these folks give you is outstanding. You can do this…..everyone can do this……I did this and I’m a drummer. I’m limited to my guitar playing ability, but the guys who played this bass love it. I have 2 bass guitars… kit with no instructions that was more expensive and took forever to build, and this kit which was less money and took a long time to finish, but goes together in hours. 3 solder joints and a ground wire….plug it in…..JAMMIN’ Throw away the doubts and buy one and you’ll see the difference SOLO offers. You will probably get another one when you see the ease of assembly, and quality that shows right out of the box. My son, his friends, and all the folks who play these guitars say that their very nice instruments. THANX to the gang at SOLO for a fine product at a great price!!!

  3. Andrew Marr (verified owner)

    My first SOLO kit was at my door in about four days…everything well packaged. In addition to the excellent instructions, I took my time reviewing all sorts of vids on the net before I started sanding and painting…a learning process as I went along…SOLO was always quick to respond to any questions. Painting was a bit harder than I expected, but persistence on getting it right eventually paid off. Installed the hardware, tweaked the neck, and plugged it in….something magic about hearing those first notes from something I created from a bunch of parts in a box. …I learned much during this process and like many others who have enjoyed the SOLO experience, will order my second kit first thing next week…

  4. marcosaluz1 (verified owner)

    I recently purchased my first SOLO kit and this was the one. It took me some time to assemble it, but you can tell that all pre-drilled holes are very well placed!

    I can see that all hardware parts are not top shape, but I too would really suggest changing only the tuners, I changed all other parts including pick ups and made this baby active by drilling an extra hole on it.

    Be just careful, the pre-drilled holes are for the parts that come with the kit. The pickguard for example, is not a standard fender-like pickguard, so if you buy one somewhere else, be advised new holes will be necessary, which for me was not a problem.

    Instructions for the actual wood parts and simple hardware are pretty straight-forward. Wiring in another hand could be more clear, though, for a passive instrument, you can’t go wrong with the soldering.

    Simple oil in the wood, some sanding and drilling skills might be required

    I totally recommend buying this baby…

  5. revjerp (verified owner)

    Neck slotting was perfection. Sealant was easily sanded off and finished up nice. Three piece body, but good grains throughout.

    Pickups aren’t good. They were and have been replaced. I went with EMG passives that came with pots. They cost almost as much as the kit, so yea, they sounded better.

    The nut is a bit high. Precisely, the nut seating or slot is too shallow. Easy to fix.

    Worth every penny. More maple necks please!

  6. ted1 (verified owner)

    This bass is everything and more than what I expected. I added EMG JV pickups…I have been using EMG since 1988 and would highly recommend them…You will have to router out a battery pocket of you go with this type of active pickup system. This is a heavy bass but it puts you right in the sound with Geddy Lee, Flea & John Paul Jones who put the J syle on the map for Rock…also in the likes of Jacko for Jazz. The only problems that I had was that the heel of the neck was high in the neck pocket. I picked up a Shim which solved the problem. I did have to file down the nut to get the action closer to where I personally like and had to file down some of the uneven frets. Not much work though and this is again, due to some of my personal preferences for my feel of the bass so DO NOT let that deter you from this build out. This is far and above a great value…I record for a living and this is now the first instrument I try in the studio. You get a distinct sound with the Ash body with a traditional feel. LOVE it…I just can’t make up my mind on what to build next!

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