Solo LPK-200 DIY Electric Guitar Kit With 2cm Solid Maple Top

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Product Description

This DIY guitar kit has everything you need for building your own LP Style Electric Guitar. You will only need some basic tools and finishing supplies. This kit includes all parts and step-by-step instructions to build a complete, playable custom guitar. All challenging wood cutting, drilling and shaping has already been professionally done, as well as fret leveling and dressing.

Please note: The body on this model has been upgraded from Basswood to Mahogany

Kit includes:

  • Mahogany body with 2cm solid Maple top
  • Unfinished Mahogany neck with blackwood (engineered rosewood) fingerboard
  • Threaded hex bushings (flat washers included)
  • Tuning machines
  • Truss Rod Cover
  • Strings
  • 3-Way Pickup Toggle Switch (includes mounting nut, flat washer, and plastic Rhythm/Treble Ring-switchwasher)
  • Strap Buttons
  • Neck Pickup on a mounting ring
  • Bridge Pickup on a mounting ring
  • Tune-o-matic Bridge with threaded thumbwheel studs and bushings
  • Stop Bar Tailpiece with height-adjustable threaded mounting studs and knurled bushings
  • Neck Plate
  • Pickguard with the mounting bracket
  • Control Knobs
  • Jackplate with a Jack
  • Cord
  • Truss Rod Allen Key
  • Control Pots (capacitors included for Tone Pots)
  • Control Cavity Cover Plate
  • All mounting screws are included
  • Wires
IMPORTANT (in addition to our standard return policy): due to their nature kits can be returned only in virtually untouched condition and in original package.

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3 reviews for Solo LPK-200 DIY Electric Guitar Kit With 2cm Solid Maple Top

  1. jpdeaton (verified owner)

    The top of this guitar was really beautiful! The stock photo for it did it no justice. It had lots of flame to it. Some of the hardware needed to be adjusted or filed, but that only took a few minutes. I almost had to do no neck work (just made sure it was straight, and fixed some fret ends). I was also surprised by the tuners. I assumed they would be super cheap, but I think they will be suitable for a while. All in all it was super nice and good for my first set neck build.

  2. Leonard Barnett (verified owner)

    This was my first guitar kit ever. I have to say I was very pleased with the quality. The maple top is not a veneer. It is a very thick piece of maple with a beautiful grain pattern. The machining of the body and neck are quite precise. I had a couple of questions and Solo Tech Support were very prompt in answering even through their move. I wouldn’t have known unless they told me because I saw really no delay in their response.

    I used the Crystalac water based finish on it and it came out with a mirror finish. I discovered this from a YouTube video: He went through the step-by-step finishing process. After buffing it I used the finest polishing compound liquid I could find at Autozone. It worked great! I didn’t have a powerful enough compressor to spray on the finish, so I put on the 6 finish coats with a foam brush. It level sanded just fine before buffing.

    My Nephew who has been playing guitar for over 20 years came over and checked it out. The neck was close to perfect. The adjustments I made according to the instructions were almost spot on. I am now enjoying a hobby I gave up when I got married 43 years ago. Hopefully I don’t destroy my wife’s hearing or sanity.

  3. Ben Aw-Yeong (verified owner)

    Same as with Leonard below, this was my first guitar kit; though, I have the fortune of this being my 7th guitar

    – As others have said, the quality of the maple in the cap is excellent – there is some flame figuring to it which wasn’t completely expected
    – The neck join fits well, and it looks like these are matched with the kits based on the number written on the neck and body
    – Routing is great/clean
    – The neck was almost perfectly straight on arrival out of the box
    – The Gotoh GE101 and 103 parts fit the spacing of the pre-drilled holes well, though the mounts the come with these are too loose. That said, the mounts from the base kit fit really well, and the threading lines up perfectly for the Gotoh posts
    – Tuning machines aren’t too bad
    – Pickguard holes are not pre-drilled (I’m not a pickguard on LP fan)
    – 43mm nut width and 12” fretboard radius! It’s amazing how many LP kits out there have all sorts of strange specs (for a Les Paul)
    – I quite like the headstock shape – doesn’t fall in line with any particular brands
    – The mahogany grain is excellent (mine is a 3 piece, not evenly spread – not a big deal)
    – The neck feels great (the wood that is)

    – The fretwork was very sharp on the thumb side of the fretboard with an absolute boatload of fret sprout
    – The fret ends are extremely uneven on the finger side of the fretboard, with many of them ending a few mm before the end of the fretboard binding, and some not actually reaching the binding at all (fret only overlying the wood)
    – Not all of the frets were hammered in properly. Some were sitting half out of the fretboard
    – The maple top next to the body binding on the treble side that would sit under the fretboard was much lower than the top level of the binding
    – The centre line of the maple cap is not dead centre which probably relates to:
    – The maple cap is not bookmatched (it’s still good quality piece(s) of maple!)
    – The hole drilled for the output jack didn’t allow for the output jack that comes with the kit to fit properly if a cable was plugged in without modification. That said, the short shaft Switchcraft jack sits the cable slightly further out of the body such that this was not an issue

    The in-between
    – The positioning of the pre-drilled holes for the pots don’t match Gibson/Epiphone distancing, so if you want to try solderless solutions/premade harnesses, then options are very limited
    – Toggle switch feels particularly flimsy (but expected for a kit, so definitely not a dealbreaker)
    – The pictures have a long neck tenon; the one on my kit is short. This doesn’t really change anything, but I did find this a bit odd
    – Some other kits provide 2 colours of backplates. Makes sense not to include this from a sales/waste standpoint, so certainly understandable

    Overall, great kit on account of the wood quality and routing being very good (minus the output jack hole) – a lot of room for you to upgrade/modify as you see fit. Hardware isn’t great quality on the whole but that’s to be expected of any kit (and therefore not an actual con; also read: upgradable!).
    The biggest issue with the kit is the fretwork. It’s largely salvageable, but you could also have just made an argument for completely re-fretting it altogether.

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