Solo TCK-12 DIY 12 String Electric Guitar Kit

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This DIY guitar kit has everything you need for building your own TC Style 12-String Electric Guitar.  You will only need some basic tools and finishing supplies. This kit includes all parts and step-by-step instructions to build a complete, playable custom guitar. All challenging wood cutting, drilling and shaping has already been professionally done, as well as fret leveling and dressing.

Kit includes:

  • Basswood body with a poly sealant
  • Unfinished maple neck with maple fingerboard
  • Hex threaded peghead bushings with washers
  • String Retainers
  • Tuning Machines
  • Strings
  • Strap Buttons
  • Pickguard Assembly
  • Bridge Assembly
  • Neck Plate
  • Control Plate Assembly
  • Jack plate
  • Cord
  • Hex wrench for truss-rod adjustment
  • Allen Key for saddle height adjustment
  • All mounting screws are included
IMPORTANT (in addition to our standard return policy): due to their nature kits can be returned only in virtually untouched condition and in original package.

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7 reviews for Solo TCK-12 DIY 12 String Electric Guitar Kit

  1. Jean-Claude Chambers
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Jean-Claude Chambers

    I had wanted a 12-string electric for years, and came across this Tele DIY kit from Solomusicgear. I received the 12-string Tele this Christmas, and spent my holidays lovingly sanding the neck and body, and rubbing on coats of Tru Oil. It’s absolutely turned out to be a beauty!! A little tender loving care and it assembled perfectly. No nasty surprises, and no missing components. Everything fit, and following the wiring instructions, it worked the first time! It sounds spectacular! I really couldn’t have hoped for more. I’ll see if I can figure out how to post some glamor shots to the Solomusicgear Facebook page. In the coming summer, I’ll try a Strat kit and do a retro blue paint job on it, as it will be warm enough to do the spray painting outside. Awesome experience from both a learning and playing perspective!!

  2. Thatguy
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Thatguy (verified owner)

    Easy Build, quick customer service response! Great tone, fast neck! Some of the pickguard screws were missing but I had a few spares lying around. Great 12 string for the price!

  3. Robert Arnold
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert Arnold (verified owner)

    So far everything is Great! Prepping the guitar to get it ready for the build. Delievery was fast and well packaged. I will be buying many more from this store . You are a musicians answer. Thanks.
    I will post pictures when done.
    One very good kit

  4. Peter Bowman
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Peter Bowman (verified owner)

    Bought this 12-string six months ago. Assembly was a snap – all parts fit properly, the neck is straight and the truss rod works, the body is correctly routed, electronics are what I expected, pickups sound good with the bridge giving the appropriate jangle, and the hardware is very good for the price. There was, of course, a little setup required: nut adjustment; fret file, crown and polish; bridge height and intonation. Quibble? The string gauges are unmarked. Meh.
    All in all, a very good piece of gear for a very good price. I may try another axe from here, perhaps a Beatles violin bass.

  5. Rejean Noel
    Rated 5 out of 5

    Rejean Noel (verified owner)

    I wanted an afordable Tele style 12 strings guitar as I m more a 6 strings player so that kit was perfect for my needs and exceed more then I expected. The string action is almost same as my fender standard telecaster. I had so much fun to put it together and the service is out of standard they answer all my questions and so quick. the kit packaging was perfect . The only thing missing was the 12 screws needed for the tuners otherwise everything was there. I used a Saman water base stain and a Saman water base clrear coat on it. It gave me an awesome finish quality that i recomand especialy for beginners, it s so easy to apply and so forgiving if you have to do touch ups on it. the pick ups are nice sounding I don’t plan to swap them. The electronic work fine and no back ground noise at the amp! The neck and frets leveling were perfect as that kit have a double action truss rod is a must. I had to sand the nut down a little and set the truss rod and strings action. I am really satified with that so cool guitar it play like a dream. that was my first DIY kit but not the last one and i will buy others from Solo for sure. Price wise that kit woth the money and i dare you to find any electric 12 strings for that price!

  6. dmc19751
    Rated 5 out of 5

    dmc19751 (verified owner)

    I always wanted a 12 string electric but Ricks are ridiculously expensive. Frankly I did not expect much at the price point of the Tele 12. I’m at the point of the endless fiddling and set up that holds true to all my instruments, but I’ve arrived at a place where I can say this is quite a remarkable product. I’ve showed it off to some of my more snootier guitar types and they are amazed. I’m a player (some would disagree lol) but I do a lot of set up, minor repair and fret dressing. I think for someone with no ability to set up you could have someone do the finishing, assemble and then hand it over to a guitar tech to set up. It would add a couple 100 to the cost but you would end up with a great guitar. I did everything myself and I’m certainly no expert, especially at finishing work. The guitar turned out quite remarkable and the top looks like it’s out of the factory. I was amazed at how well everything fits together…very precise. My neck has a bit of a reverse bow but for a 12 string that’s an advantage. I also went to a much heavier string (Ernie Ball 11-52)and it sounds very impressive. I just saved about $4000 bucks and I’m very proud of my first guitar build. I wouldn’t let this thing go for under $700. The instructions could be better for a total novice but just contact Solo and they’re good at responding. Don’t be in a hurry.
    If you’ve ever wanted to jump off the deep end and build your own axe this is the place. You’ll be pleasantly surprised…PS ‘TAKE YOU’RE TIME!’

  7. wrench5423
    Rated 5 out of 5


    I bought this kit through amazon because, for some reason, SOLO wouldn’t accept my card. ok, I payed $10 more for it then the SOLO site price. when I received it the first thing I noted was that the nut was in backwards, easy fix. I had asked the people at solo which neck pickup rout the body had and they replied it was standard tele S/C. WRONG, it is routed for a P90 WHICH IS WHAT I WANTED. after a pre-finish assembly to make sure everything is right I find that the bridge mounting holes are drilled a little to the left of the center line, again an easy fix, drill, fill and redrill. so, after all of that I did an inexpensive finish and put this guitar together and I am impressed. the only things I really changed was to put a P90 in the neck position and a vintage tele pickup in the bridge. this guitar sounds so sweet and plays so nice that my better half wanted to play and she never cared at all about my guitars. the neck is huge, way bigger then the fender XII I had back in the early ’70s but so easy to play. after a very short time to set this guitar up it actually has the string height of my best tele and plays as easily. hats off to you all at SOLO, excellent kit.

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