Solo LPK-75 DIY Electric Guitar Kit With Spalted Maple Top

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Product Description

This DIY guitar kit has everything you need for building your own LP Style Electric Guitar with a beautiful Spalted Maple Top & Set-In Neck . You will only need some basic tools and finishing supplies. This kit includes all parts and step-by-step instructions to build a complete, playable custom guitar. All challenging wood cutting, drilling and shaping has already been professionally done, as well as fret leveling and dressing.

Kit includes:

  • Carved Mahogany body unfinished
  • Unfinished maple neck with blackwood (engineered rosewood) fingerboard
  • Threaded hex bushings (flat washers included)
  • Tuning machines
  • Truss Rod Cover
  • Strings
  • 3-Way Pickup Toggle Switch (includes mounting nut, flat washer, and plastic Rhythm/Treble Ring-switchwasher)
  • Strap Buttons
  • Neck Pickup on a mounting ring
  • Tune-o-matic Bridge with threaded thumb-wheel studs and bushings
  • Stop Bar Tailpiece with height-adjustable threaded mounting studs and knurled bushings
  • Control Knobs
  • Jackplate with a Jack
  • Cord
  • Truss Rod Allen Key
  • Control Pots (capacitors included for Tone Pots)
  • Control Cavity Cover Plate
  • All mounting screws are included
  • Wires

PLEASE NOTE:  Spalted Maple Tops are all unique… consider them like a fingerprint… No two are the same… Design may vary from photo.

IMPORTANT (in addition to our standard return policy): due to their nature kits can be returned only in virtually untouched condition and in original package.

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6 reviews for Solo LPK-75 DIY Electric Guitar Kit With Spalted Maple Top

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    This was a great project. I enjoyed finishing the wood and assembling the electronics. Helped me gain a better understanding of guitars. I will be buying another, most likely a Tele.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Jason (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed putting everything together. Shipping was super fast received my kit within 24 hrs of ordering. Most of the wiring was already completed, just had to connect the switch, the jack and the pickups. Just 1 small hiccup I received 2 A strings instead of the low E but easily fixed. Told a few friends they will probably order in the near future.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kevin ireland

    I’m very impressed with this LP ! Sanded it and clear coated because I love the look this thing has. I’m having a hard time putting it down and the sound is really killer! Special thanks to Matt for the help! I’d recommend Solo Guitars to anyone that wants to make a guitar theirs and theirs only! Got my eye on a Bass now and it WILL be a Solo! Great guitars!! 🎸

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    guitarmanj1 (verified owner)

    First of all, if you’re new to working on guitars, there is no better kit out there. The kit came with literally everything (minus tools and finishing products) you need to build a good quality guitar with minimal skill required. You could literally assemble this guitar and start playing in 36 hours if you wanted to (the glue needs to dry :P).

    That being said, I’m a tech of 15+ years. I bought this kit because I wanted to build my own backup guitar and I wanted spalted maple top. I was expecting low quality considering the price but was pleasantly surprised when I found that the body was cut and fit perfectly. I had one spot I wasn’t thrilled about where there was a miscut between the two wood types, but I’m not going to complain about it since it’s in an inconspicuous area.

    The body/neck came already coated with a filler. I wanted to my own finish on this guitar, so I ended up sanding off the initial filler before I applied the finish. The nice thing was it took a bit to sand off the filler, so a good coat was already on the guitar so you could probably paint right away if that’s what you were looking to do. Kudos for that. The spalted maple top on the front of the guitar is paper-thin so you’ll have to be careful sanding, especially around the edges. There are also a good amount of uneven spots on the top, so if you’re looking for a perfectly flat surface, you’ll have to spend a good amount of time on the final finishes or just pick up a mahogany top. I actually loved the uneven surface as it gave my guitar the finish i wanted. The back of the body is perfect, as the wood matched, grains lined up well and the electronic cavities were routed cleanly. The neck came straight and the already assembled fretboard was in great shape and the frets were just about level. I had one high spot that was barely noticeable. I’m just picky. The frets themselves Just needed a little polishing after I finished the guitar and they looked top-notch. The head had the same paper-thin face to it, but not a lot of sanding was needed there. The stain and subsequent coats of tru-oil went on nicely.

    I ended up doing a blackburst finish and using Tru Oil as my finish of choice which came out perfectly and I’m more than happy with how it turned out. Too bad we can’t share pictures 😛

    To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much for a $200 kit so I didn’t use any of the electronics, pickups or tuners on this guitar, so I can’t do an accurate rating on the sound. I can, however, give you my observations. The pots came pre-soldered with mini 500k pots, and a standard cap for tone. Keep in mind this guitar was routed for the included mini pots, so your bridge-tone pot, if ever replaced, will have to be a mini pot or else it won’t fit. The pickups are 2-conductor (hot and ground) so custom wiring such as coil tapping, would require another set of pickups. The pickup selector switch was noticeably a cheaper switch and I wasn’t fond of how loose it felt when switching between settings so I replaced that with a switchcraft. I did use the output jack because, well, it’s an output jack and they’re pretty standard across the board with little variance. The tuners themselves seemed as though they’d do the job, and I’ll definitely use them on a repair job later down the line, but I already picked up hipshots for this project so that’s what I used.

    The guitar went together perfectly with little-to-no effort. The neck joint was tight and aligned to the bridge and pickup routes. All plate covers fit perfectly. I think the only thing I’d say here is to watch the neck joint height itself. I had to shim the very back of the cavity as the cut put the neck at a greater angle than it needed to be meaning the bridge/pickups would have had to be set higher than normal if I had left it alone or face a ton of buzzing. It’s a simple fix if you catch it early enough, but make sure you check the height alignment before you glue.

    This was a great project guitar and I didn’t spend as much time as I thought I would sanding, repairing or assembling the guitar. It was an easy build and looks/sounds fantastic. I’m extremely happy with this product and I’ll definitely be back for my next project.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    billweisel (verified owner)

    This kit is fantastic. The spalted veneer is beautiful and the mahogany is nice and solid. Hardware feels heavy and substantial and the pickups look slick. Everything is pre-wired minus the pickups and input jack so finishing the setup is a fairly simple with a very small amount of soldering. Working the wood, caring for the frets/fret ends, and gluing it all together was more than enjoyable. I basically started a YouTube channel/company strictly off of the fun I’m having with this build! I’ll definitely buy for Solo again.

  6. Rated 4 out of 5

    eskade (verified owner)

    I was very happy with my first Solo guitar kit! Everything was neatly organized and shipped to me perfectly. Everything went together wonderfully! Overall, you can’t beat the value in Solo guitar kit. Especially if you’re a first-time builder, like I am.

    Unfortunately, there was a flaw in the spalted maple veneer. It was not noticeable at first, but after applying my first coat of transparent dye, it became obvious. Apparently the veneer had split and popped up on the contoured body, and then was reglued poorly. I was able to remedy the situation by putting an aftermarket pick guard on to conceal it. The hardware that was included was decent, but of course, all of it can be upgraded to your liking. I had an aftermarket pick guard, and machined black knobs. All in all I would have to say I was extremely satisfied with my results. The string action is incredible, and it plays beautifully! Mainly because the neck fit perfectly into the body cavity, and the neck was straight as can be!

    I am still having some trouble with connecting the electronics, but hoping to remedy that soon. Solos customer service was good at answering my wiring questions. All in all, a tremendous value! If you’re looking for your first built, get yourself a Solo guitar kit! You won’t be disappointed!

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